Macmillan Health Fayre

Local representatives from the Macmillan charity, teamed up with other organisations today to host a health fayre at southampton central library. Stalls were available to offer information on cancer, strokes, healthy eating and quitting smoking. Danielle Cox has more on the story.


Smashing the Glass Ceiling in Sport

TONI Nadal’s recent comments on the appointment of Gala Leon Garica as Spain’s Davis Cup captain have sparked a debate across the sporting world. Rafael Nadal’s coach and uncle has publicly criticised the decision to put a woman in charge of an all-male team, and


Eastleigh Rugby aiming for promotion

By Nathaniel Holland (words), David Sillifant, Daniel Jones, Matthew Tilbury and Connor Costello. EASTLEIGH Rugby Club assistant coach Richard Rowledge believes the E’s can gain promotion after an excellent start to the current campaign. The Hampshire based side have enjoyed a 100% winning start to

Unicycle hockey requires a number of skills

Driving participation up, one wheel at a time

By Scott Mills, Sam Price and Joe Thomlinson. Historically, sport in England is founded with the traditions of mass participation. However, as people start swapping their running shoes for games consoles, a more sedentary lifestyle has become the norm. With obesity rates booming, participation levels


Solent falling short on Student Sport

By Sam Price, Scott Mills, Joe Thomlinson and Josh Donaldson Solent students are furious at the lack of competitive sporting opportunities available to them, as Sport Solent continues to push a participation-based scheme instead. A far cry from the setups that can be found at

Team huddle

The rise of ‘murderball’

Ever heard of a sport called murderball? Sounds frightening. Too terrifying to be a sport in fact. But the activity is more commonly referred to as wheel chair rugby. Much better. Participation rates have seen an increase after achieving full Paralympic status following its debut at

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Team Solent in poll position

It was a winning weekend for the Team Solent F.C boys as they overtook rivals Fleet Spurs in the Wessex League.  Although they have a few more games until their fate is revealed, the pressure is high for the young hopefuls. Jocelyn Charles reports from