Hillsborough infographic

Hillsborough: A journey to justice

This week, a new inquest conclusively found that the 96 football fans that died at Hillsborough on the 15th April 1989 were killed unlawfully. Here’s a timeline of the key judicial events over the 27 years. By Sean Lewery.


Cyber bullying crackdown

Cyber bullying is an ongoing problem with a record number of young people being affected, as a result local police are clamping down on perpetrators of online bullying. By Cameron Meehan

Junior Doctors

Junior Doctor’s Strike Explained

Junior doctors took to the streets this week in a strike against new government plans for the NHS. In Southampton junior doctors joined Southampton’s people’s assembly and marched through town, waving banners and placards in protest. But why are they protesting? And what are the

Amy EU Survey Infographic

NewsFeed’s EU Survey results

Over the past few weeks Southampton Solent University’s newspaper NewsFeed has been conducting a survey into students opinions on the upcoming EU referendum. Below are some of the results from the survey. by Amy Taylor


10 must-know tips to keep you safe when dating online

There’s been a rise in online dating recently as more people are accessing the apps on their phones. It’s a great way of meeting new people without having to step foot out of your living room. But with this comes a whole new host of

History of ADHD

The history of ADHD

Research at the University of Southampton could improve how Attention deficit hyperactive disorder (ADHD) is understood and treated. The Inter-STARRS project will attempt to intervene ADHD developing in children, using computerised training on those thought to be at risk. But where did the diagnosis of