Are luxury Advent Calendars bad for the planet?

IN 2016 it was reported by the London Cleaning System that the festive season in the UK can have a staggering effect on the environment.

One billion Christmas cards end up in the normal rubbish bin instead of being recycled and 227,00 miles of wrapping paper is thrown away.

Enough card packaging is chucked out that it could cover the London landmark Big Ben 260,000 times.

A popular tradition that can contribute to the waste in this season are Advent Calendars.

The tradition of Advent can be dated back to the 1800s, where religious families would prepare themselves for baptism by burning a candle each day in December.

Eventually Advent calendars replaced the candles as a way to count down to Christmas.

Some advent calendars have excessive packaging.
Some advent calendars have excessive packaging.

As a result of this, the phenomenon of chocolate in advent calendars was popularised when Cadbury made their first in 1971.

Since the ’70s, children have been excited to open each door on their advent calendar and receive a chocolate, but this tradition is changing rapidly.

People are now opting for ‘luxury calendars’ instead, some of which include: Lego, crayons and sweets. These are aimed at children.

However most of these ‘luxury calendars’ are aimed predominantly at adults including items such as: whiskey, wine and cheese.

They will include a large range of products.

Beauty advent calendars do significantly better than others because not only are they better value, they also work very well for social media influencers.

Instead of an influencer promoting one product for a brand, they are promoting 12 or 24, which from a PR point of view, is very powerful.

Beauty Blogger Jodie Hughes, who purchased a Rituals Advent Calendar, retailing at £80 said: “I’m not sure if my calendar came with instructions on how to recycle it, I haven’t checked, but I am sure the cardboard parts are able to be recycled and I assume it’s the products that can’t actually be disposed of properly.”

The rise in popularity if these calendars does raise many questions about how detrimental their affect may be on the environment.

Here are some more shocking facts about Advent Calendars.

By Sophie Long (@sophieelong_)