Bus hits man in Southampton

A MAN has been hit in the centre of Southampton by a bus.

The incident occurred on Above Bar Street, Southampton, between 10:30 and 11.


His condition is not yet known but witnesses say he was being treated at the scene for head injuries.

Witnesses also commented about the incident saying, “we heard this almighty thud, a sickening thud”.

Police quickly arrived at the scene and were followed at 11:30 by ambulance services who treated the man at the scene.

The man was given oxygen and treated for head injuries by the paramedics.

Another witness described how they saw the man “on the floor shaking all around”.

Blood could be seen on the pavement at the site.

Police were unavailable to comment at the time, they spoke to the bus driver who was a member of Unite Union when they arrived at the scene.

More to follow.