Celebrating Halloween at Sunnyfields farm’s Pumpkin Festival.

Southampton’s Sunnyfield farm has been growing lots of different pumpkins this year for visitors to choose and carve for Halloween. The include huge pumpkins, warty types, white coloured ones, blue ones, little mini sizes and, most importantly, multiple orange ones.


The Sunnyfield farm – near Totton – has been running for around 25 years, and they have hosted the festival for three.

Anyone can come over to Sunnyfield farm to choose your favourite pumpkin from the pumpkin tent and the price range starts from £1 to £6. In addition to this, there is a mini coffee shop where you can try some pumpkin themed treats and candy apples.


There are some activities that suit the children such as face painting, tractor and trailer rides, and stencils are provided for carving creative shapes into the pumpkins.

Organiser of the festival, Farmer Ian, said“The pumpkin market is growing year on year, this year the pumpkins hasn’t been as big as last year.”


The market provides to the visitors free admissions, free parking, no advanced booking and you can bring your dog with you to have a enjoyable walking time.

There has been events running for family and friends since Thursday 25th October-Wednesday 31st October starting at 10am till 9pm. Night time festivities include a fire pit and mulled cider.


Carving vegetables has been a tradition since Celtic times, when they were used to ward away the spirit of Stingy Jack, who was said to haunt the streets. They have not always been pumpkins – such as turnips and squashes.

By Aimee Barnes @aimseea Ellie Chiver @ellieachivers Noor Merza @n_ajeely