Donneaud defends Solent Sport price increase

Team Solent Kestrels II basketball head coach Sylvain Donneaud says he doesn’t believe the price increase for playing sport at Solent University is too steep.

Sports such as basketball and football require £150 to join, which is up £30 from last year’s fee.

It has led to criticisms from some players who feel the price hike is unnecessary.

However, Donneaud defended the University’s decision.

Team Solent Kestrels II coach Sylvain Donneaud watches his team train.

“it’s still cheap because the club still needs to cover the bus, the referee, the tables,” he said.

“We are playing at a very good level, the top level in England, and we are giving our players the best as possible so a little bit of contribution, why not?”

Jesse Jones, who played for the second team in football last season, will not be returning to play this year.

He scored five goals as the Seconds claimed the BUCS Western 6A title, picking up nine wins out of ten.

Jones said: “The price is simply too much. £120 was already too much and I don’t have a clue why the price has gone up.

“Although I love football, £150 is not the price I feel I should be paying to play football so I can’t afford it.”

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