Equality Exhibition in Southampton

Leaflet for the Exhibition
Leaflet for the Exhibition

By Emily Reason @EmilyReason3)

FOR 2015, Southampton is home to the Equality Exhibition. Situated at Dukes Keep, Marsh Lane, the exhibition is open to the public of all ages. 

Run by Centric Projects, the aim is to educate the attendees with nine different modules, some including: women’s rights, disability and sexual orientation. The four floors of banners are filled with information that dates back to the Suffragettes and the fight that women in that time had to get through in order for the women of today to be able to vote.

To add to this, a section of the Equality Exhibition is a strong, influential women section. Providing names and profiles of a number of strong figures that stand in the public eye today. For example Clare Balding, the British television presenter who is a strong supporter for women gaining equality across the globe.

Centric Community Projects provides space free of charge to charities and non-profit organisations. They organise offices or meeting spaces to charities for events and exhibits. Having built brilliant relationships with some of the UK’s largest property owners, when the buildings are empty, holding events or exhibitions there brings security and less risk of dilapidation or vandalism, whilst giving something to the community and charities.IMG_0389

October 2014 saw the launch of the Centric Community Projects Equality and Diversity exhibition, which is collaboration with Milton Keynes Equality Council. The nine topics portray the nine strands of equality defined by The Equality Act 2010.

As well as the Southampton exhibit, another permanent Exhibition is being held in Coventry with the name ‘The History of Women’s Equality.’ The other seven strands of exhibits are set to start in the next few months across the UK.


Talk from working volunteer of the Exhibition