Football 2018 World Cup Report:

22 COUNTRIES have a place to be part of the world cup football next year in Russia.

The world cup qualifying matches are still being played. However, some big names booked a place for the 2018 world cup.

England quite easily beat the opposite side and got a place confirmed.

It is being said that this time the world cup matches, which are being played in Russia, will be a fantastic tournament among the 32 countries.

In this tournament, each team will be fighting hard to get a place for the final stage.

However, it won’t be an easy task for all the teams to beat their oppositions.

The match between England and Slovakia played last week at Wembley got a lot of attention, some of the England players truly played well and proved their capabilities and potential to beat any side.

It’s been a good display of performance done by the England team as many football fans believed that England wouldn’t qualify for next year’s world cup.

In  group F, there are six teams and England is on the top holding 20 points.

Scotland which was being considered to be qualified but failed along with Lithuania and Malta.

England manager Gareth Southgate shared his winning experience with the Media:

“I am very much happy what the outcomes we have after qualifying”.

23 players are selected to be a part of England football team.

It seems that all these selected players got a place in team according to their skills and abilities.

Players showed an exceptional display of performance and character in the matches and they deserve to play in Russia.

Southampton goalkeeper Fraser Foster joined the team after his personal performance being noticed.