Hundreds gather for HackSoton event in Central Hall

Lead: Tech experts gathered to share their love of technology at the weekend. ‘HackSoton’ gave Southampton people a chance to share their ideas and get children excited about technology. Ed Sawyer went along to find out more…


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Industry experts, designers and enthusiasts came together in Central Hall to share their passion for developing project ideas and creating new tech.


Saturday’s event was the eighth of its kind and the idea was to help both adults and kids get creative with technology and get involved with design, craft and tech projects.


The annual event allows adults and children to discover things they may not be able to experience in their schools or at home, such as robots, electrical circuits or 3D printers.


Elbrie De Kock runs a company that reviews tech products for children. She organised the kid’s section and says the events are vital to kids’ learning…

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“I definitely think technology is the future and we have a responsibility as parents, as educators, as adults, to support that learning. There’s a lot of energy, there’s a lot of passion. The adults in here are really passionate about what they’ve discovered with the children. And it’s a fantastic day for children to learn new skills.”

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In previous events there was a direct theme, but this year people brought their own ideas and equipment to share.


Tom Hewett is a software engineer who designed a new app with people he’d met on the day…

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“I love hackathons. I think they’re a great way to 1) show off your skill and 2) to have fun. We usually build rubbish things we’re not usually allowed to build at work, and obviously meet people as well, so it’s a great opportunity.”

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The free community event is organised by fifteen volunteers including Dan Thomas, who encourages students to get involved… 0.06 1.23

“It’s a really good opportunity to add your project to your portfolio. Obviously as a student you’ve not got years of work to draw upon, so come along and create your portfolio.”

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With so much going on at these events, hopefully they’ll continue to inspire a new generation of tech enthusiasts.


Ed Sawyer, Solent News.

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