Justin Bieber gives us ‘Purpose’ – A concert review

FOLLOWING the Believe tour in 2013, Justin Bieber brought his new album to the UK to perform for his British fans. His new music revealed a whole new side to Bieber; a more grown up version of himself with a vision and quite literally, a ‘Purpose,’ to be heard.

I was lucky enough to witness the show in Manchester, being the last one out of three in this city, on the 23rd October.

Shamefully, I am a very big fan, but I was a little apprehensive about the show purely due to previous comments that had been made during the nights in Birmingham and other Manchester shows about fans screaming. Whilst trying to talk to the crowd, Justin had told them they were ‘obnoxious’ for screaming whilst he was trying to talk.

Automatically, worry came over me that the same would happen this night. After spending between £60-£200, it’s understandable why people are going to scream when they see their idol before them.

The third night in Manchester was the 95th show out of 124
The third night in Manchester was the 95th show out of 124

Opening the show with, ‘Mark My Words,’ Justin came up from a trap door under the stage to present himself in a glass box. This was then followed by his hit single, ‘Where Are U Now,’ where the lyrics were mimed due to an impressive dance performance with his backup dancers.

Some of my personal favourites from the night were an acoustic version of, ‘Cold Water,’ and ‘Company,’ where a trampoline hovered above the crowd, and Bieber and his crew did backflips. His fans were also lucky enough to get a surprise performance of, ‘Boyfriend,’ which wasn’t on his original setlist.

The audience were warned before the show that an interval would occur half way through the show, so everyone wasn’t shocked when the lights came on at 9:35. 20 minutes went by before the performance continued.

The second half of the show had a different atmosphere to the first. When Justin stopped his music in-between songs to talk to the crowd, the first screaming comment came: “The screaming has got to stop.” With this, the crowd only got louder.

He walked to the back of the stage in which he stormed off and threw down his microphone, encouraging the crowd to boo.

My friend and I looked at each other in shock, expecting the lights to come on and the concert to be over. “No way is he coming back out after that,” she said to me.

With the crowd screaming and chanting, it encouraged Justin to come back out on stage, giving a speech about his actions, which I recorded on video:

The finale ended with the song that made his career, ‘Baby,’ which was giving everyone the throwback feelings to when Justin was just a young 13 year old. This was what he claimed to be his last song, saying goodnight and thank you for coming. The lights didn’t come on, meaning an encore was going to occur.

“Justin, Justin, Justin!” The crowd roared until the music for ‘Sorry’ blasted through the arena. It was a very wet ending the to show but certainly a memorable one, having Justin and his dancers performing under a water feature to look like rain.

Due to the drama earlier in the night, Justin missed out the song the tour is named after, ‘Purpose.’ Whilst apologising to the crowd, Justin told them: “I’m not going to talk, I’m just going to continue with the show and sing.”

From previous reviews, it’s understood that at the end of the show, before the finale, Justin explains the reason behind the name Purpose, but obviously didn’t feel the need to for this particular show.

As much as this did bring a slight downer on the night, I would still go and see Justin Bieber again. His singing voice lights up the whole room, even giving me goosebumps. Overall, it was £60 well spent.

Once a Belieber, always a Belieber.

by Grace Jeffrey (@_gracespage)