Live Blog: Friday 9th February

16:00: The live blog will end here for today, sorry about a lack of updates but genuinely so little has happened i have spent 75% of the day asleep.

Hopefully next time i pick up the reigns a lot more happens, maybe a player gets arrested for tax fraud or something, anything enjoyable like that.

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15:16: Former Arsenal midfielder Emmanuel Petit believes Alexandre Lacazette’s Arsenal career is as good as over.

The Frenchman has failed to score in 11 of his last 12 games, and with club record signing Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang netting on his debut last week, it could become difficult for Lacazette to find his way back into the side.

Expect a £35m bid from West Ham this summer to show some intent.

15:02: I think this person is genuinely trying to insinuate, in reply to Wenger saying English players are the masters of diving, that if they said the French dive most, they would be told off by the police.

These days they'll throw you in jail for anything
These days they’ll throw you in jail for anything

14:57: To try and actually find something to write on here, you do end up just refreshing many other sites scouring for news, and some of the rubbish you find is shocking.

Screen Shot 2018-02-09 at 14.55.20

Is this Mession Impossible 8? Tika Taka Soldier Spy?

14:49: In an interview with Everton die hard Jamie Carragher, Everton die hard Wayne Rooney has said he dreams of managing the club one day.

Whilst fans may support it, many who don’t support the biggest club in Liverpool may not rate Rooney as much of a football brain, but he seemed very switched on on Monday Night Football this week.

14:42: More bad news for Chelsea as Alvaro Morata could be out for the rest of the season according to manager Antonio Conte. If only they had paid £100m for Peter Crouch or Andy Carroll.


14:34: People are still talking about Pep only having six subs last week against Burnley, calling it a joke, so I thought i’d just explain it for any angry person out there.

They were planning on taking David Silva for the bench, but knew it was 50/50 whether he would be fit enough. The youth and reserve side played the night before, so Pep didn’t feel comfortable making them travel again, hence why they were a man down.

But the narrative of him being a disrespectful swine clearly works a lot better.

14:30: Pep Guardiola has thrown even more oil on the Riyad Mahrez bonfire, saying he hopes the Algerian does feature soon for The Foxes, whilst still batting his eyelids at the winger.

Mahrez returned to training with today ahead of tomorrow’s clash between Man City and Leicester.

“I wish for him to come back soon and play football because we enjoy watching him play,” Guardiola said.

14:15: After a return as grand as Riyad Mahrez’s this morning, I have returned to ZERO news, I could lay on to you some of the quotes from Jose Mourinho describing what a box to box midfielder is, but i’m afraid I might fall asleep just from considering the idea.

Interesting from him that he does just consider Pogba a box to box, rather than an attacking midfielder as some have suggested this week.


13:10: Still no news which means it must be time for LUNCH. Hopefully i return to a plethora of news.

13:07: Wow what a performance, expecting Callum Beirne to sweep up at the Oscars after that show.

13:00: Live, right now, smashing stuff.

12:52: We also have our live video bulletin going live in 10 minutes so be sure to follow along on Youtube!

12:50: Big Sam has sunk to a new low in his gravy covered lifestyle as he has mocked poor old Roy Hodgson, who says he will never forgive Sam. Its so hard watching two friends fight like this, here i was thinking all British managers supported each other, went out for ice cream, went to the cinema to see Guy Ritchie films, but now it seems like everyone is out for themselves, a sad sad world.

12:40: More rumours swirling of a McGregor Mayweather rematch, who wants that? Really? Unless it was in an octagon and we see Conor catch Floyd with a spinning roundhouse cartwheel kick of DOOM, a boxing rematch would surely flop compared to the first.

12:32: Still not much sports news coming in, whose idea was it to make us do a live blog on a Friday in February? Lunacy.

Next season of True Detective looks good though.

Max and Ian's road to nowehere
Max and Ian’s road to nowhere

12:25: Big football weekend ahead, with a North London Derby which could end any hope of Arsenal finishing in the top four, or blow the race for qualification right open.

Elsewhere its Everton vs Palace in the ‘Oumar Niasse first ever retrospective ban for diving’ derby, Liverpool vs Future Liverpool (Saints) and even Brighton vs Stoke, a game that screams LAST IN THE MATCH OF THE DAY RUNNING ORDER.

Also its Newcastle vs Manchester United, a fixture which featured one of my favourite goals ever.


























11:15: I regret to inform you all I have just heard the ‘F’ word mentioned in the room, drafting my letter to The Echo as we speak.


Screen Shot 2018-02-09 at 11.09.26


Michael O’Neill has put to bed speculation that he would manage one of the other home nations by signing a new deal with Northern Ireland. The nation have been much improved under O’Neill and will be hoping for even more success now he’s signed a new deal.


11:09: Riyad Mahrez has turned up to training today after a week long sabbatical in which he prayed that he would wake up and play for Manchester City. Sadly it seems he has misunderstood and has returned to play against the league leaders. Most are angry at the Algerian but I can’t help but feel sorry for the guy. Then again I’m a sucker for a bleach blonde Pisces.


11:00: I do want to get some sports work done I promise, I want every manager sacked so I have something to write about, but how could I possibly be expected to concentrate when I have just found a forum post on The Ugly Inside centred around the TV Show Most Haunted, so I will be busy until lunch.

Ghosts have long played a part in football, just last week Dele Alli was viciously hacked down by the ghost of Edward the II.



10:52: In an attempt to find out what THE SAINTS fans, the life and soul of this gorgeous community think, I have headed onto the forums of ‘The Ugly Inside’, a Southampton FC website. It’s a bit like the dark web but much worse.

Whilst there isn’t much talk about the article in question, there is this rather generous man offering a free service to members of the public! Who said nothing good came from the internet!

A true Saint.
A true Saint.


10:43: One question buzzing around our packed out (honestly) news room today, is it wrong the swear at a football game?

The question comes after this article in The Echo, in which a fan is claiming he won’t be attending this weekend’s game due to the use of the ‘C’ word.

One piece of advice I would give to the fan in question would be not to sit in the rowdiest of the stands at St Mary’s if you’re offended by the ‘C’ word, get yourself out the firing line. Also never go the Jesters, Yates or McDonalds during a busy time because you hear the ‘C’ word a lot there too.


10:36: Good morning from us at Solent Sports News, and welcome to the Live Blog, today hosted by me, Jack Stevens. A former child star who racked up over 200 appearances for Polegate Grasshoppers, most famously coming off the bench with my side 4-0 up, making the difference ensuring the game ended 4-4.

Will there be any news today? Who knows! But one thing for sure is this is probably the easiest of all the tasks you can have on a Newsday, which is why my name is so often attached to it.