New restaurant and cocktail lounge Revolución de Cuba has been “busy from the word go”

RECENTLY opened Revolución de Cuba could have gone down the spiral of restaurants in Southampton that are struggling for business.

Speaking to Ben Jones however, Deputy General Manager at the new venue, Revolución has been: “fully booked every weekend” since opening with private parties on upper floors that have had as many as one hundred and fifty people and over attending.

Revolucion de Cuba interior (above and below)
Revolucion de Cuba interior (above and below)


Southampton is a city full of bars, clubs, restaurants, shops and an ever-growing amount of student accommodation and housing. Meaning new venues opening always have a lot to compete with.

New West Quay was opened two years ago this coming January with a vast array of restaurants, a few of which had to move out due to lack of income.

With the new Bargate Quarter opening in Autumn 2019 at the end of the high street, it begs the question of whether there will be too many choices of venue for those living in Southampton in an ever-expanding entertainment market.

Bargate Quarter building in progress
Bargate Quarter building in progress

Tellon Capital are in the process of building an upmarket street with retail shops and an additional one hundred and fifty flats and accommodation for four hundred and fifty students. See a previous story posted on the Solent Journalism website for more on housing issues in Southampton.

A statement issued by James Burchell, a partner at Tellon Capital, landlords of Bargate Quarter, told the Financial Times: “we are creating a thoroughfare with a new sense of place- not just a shopping centre.” Only time will tell if the Bargate Quarter is successful.

But with the right amount of advertising new venues do have the ability to be successful.

Because of Revolución de Cuba’s advertising and ‘hype’ beforehand, manager Ben believes that this is one of the reasons why Revolución has done so well.

“We had photo boards on the outside of the building whilst it was being built and we took over the Seaside Square at Guildhall in the summer for an evening to give people a taster- so it was built up a lot beforehand.”


by Annabel Tinson