Review: Bowling For Soup @ Southampton

by Emily Reason (@EmilyReason3)

As part of the 15 date UK tour, Bowling for Soup played at Southampton O2 Guildhall on February 13 2016. 

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Bowling for Soup’s tour dates over February. Source: Rock Sins.

Nottingham’s very own alternative-rock band, Lacey, got the Southampton show off to a brilliant start. Earlier the band were fed burgers and beer at Southampton’s very own Neighbourhood, thanks to the staff knocking on the band’s tour bus to promote themselves – they were ready to get the crowd hyped up for the night. This 15 date UK tour is bound to gain hundreds of followers for Lacey, with their mellow music and innocent fresh-meat aura, these guys will be seen again in the future.

With an appearance from MC Lars, I was ready to walk out and get the train home. The crowd seemed to be unsure whether or not he was joking, or actually made a living out of terrible rapping with a monotone voice. It seemed to be an odd mix, Pop Punk bands and a rapper – not something you see everyday.

Up next ‘special guests’, The Dollyrots, who for me, were a disappointment. Having never heard of these guys, I checked them out on YouTube the night before – comparing their recorded material to their live performance – I would say all they seemed to be interested in is getting their 3 year old kid on stage for the ‘awwww’ factor. Not cool at a pop punk show. Overall, The Dollyrots stage presence was friendly, but for me they didn’t cut it.

Feeling slightly disheartened by the show so far, my hopes were at an all time low, but Bowling For Soup brought everyone’s spirits back up. Playing a string of their pop-punk classics, first few songs included the brilliant ‘Emily’, ‘High School Never Ends’ and ‘1985’. The crowd was certainly hyped, dancing and the lyrics were flowing. “Pop Punk isn’t dead!!” shouts singer Jaret Reddick before the band aces a mash-up of some of the classics, including Blink 182, Good Charlotte and Green Day. The atmosphere was ace and the pop punk vibes were definitely very alive.

Part of the show that stood out for me was when they played ‘Stacey’s Mom’ originally by Fountains Of Wayne; everyone in the crowd knew the lyrics, which made the atmosphere even better. Flames shooting from the stage and the light work was insane, the encore stood as their best song – ‘Girl All The Bad Guys Want’ – this show is definitely a highlighted name in an endless list of shows I’ve witnessed.