Russia doping scandal hits again

The IAAF has confirmed that Russia will not feature in this summer’s World Championships in London.

Russia, who were suspended in November 2015, are still under monitoring from theWorld Anti-Doping Agency.

Russia doping scandal affect another tournament
Russia doping scandal affect another tournament. Photo: 


IAAF have announced that Russian athletes can compete as neutral competitors, if they can pass the testing criteria.

Lord Coe also banned Russian athletes from changing nationalities, as he felt that athletics was ‘vulnerable’ to the practice.

Lord Coe at IAAF meeting Photo:
Lord Coe at IAAF meeting

Russian athletes missed the Rio Olympics 2016 due their state-doping scandal the year prior.

Active Nation coach and former Badminton coach, Jerry Banford, says the decision made by IAAF is fair for all.

“Doping is something that should always be handled strictly. Although, not all Russian athletes are involved, it’s hard to say who is innocent. We just want clean sports.”
Savinova found doping in 2012 Olympics Photo: 

Once thorough testing is completed, Russian athletes will still be able to participate, but would this bother other athletes?

Banford explained: “It’s a gruelling process to train for major competitions. Everyone, who respects and follows the rules, should be able to participate.

“I don’t think other countries and their athletes will be against this decision, as long as they are satisfied with the testing process of the IAAF.”

Independent chairman of the IAAF Taskforce, Rune Andersen said that clean athletes have only their peers to blame for this scandal.

“Clean Russian athletes have been badly let down by their national system. We must ensure they are protected.”

A roadmap has been put together by the IAAF that Russia would have to follow before their athletes can take part in international competition.

However, even if Russia comply to these guidelines, will they still be looked through suspicious eyes by the rest of the world?

“This doping scandal shocked the world! Athletes from other countries will look back at competitions in which they lost to Russian opponents and think the worst. Trust is too premature at the moment.”