Solent athlete wins the 3000m gold in Sheffield.

Southampton Solent athlete Mahamed Mahamed won the gold medal at the 3000m in Sheffield.

Mahamed showed his best form and raced much faster than he had done in the semi-finals to take home the title.

Mahamed described how amazing it felt to win the gold saying: “I was dreaming about succeeding in a race but I was surprised when I won the gold.”

The 3000m runner said he wants to compete in the Olympics someday and is ready to do whatever it takes to make his dreams come true.

“I want to perform in Olympics and become a record holder.”

The 20-year-old athlete said: “I want to be like them,” when he mentioned how much Mo Farah and Kenenisa Bekele inspire him through his journey.

Peter Haynes, Mahamed’s coach, also talked about the athlete’s recent achievements.

“He achieved so much in so little time, we are finding out a lot about how Mahamed performs.”

The coach pointed out that usually athletes perform their best at semi-finals and much slower performance in the finals because of how much they get tired.

He continued by saying Mahamed  ran a sensible and slow race at the semi-finals but produced his very best in the finals. Haynes said: “It was surprising and amazing, and that was one of the things we learned about Mahamed.’

Haynes notified everyone about Mahamed’s next step by saying we are aiming to get the best times out of his races. He continued: “Our first aim is getting him to produce some very good times on the track.

“He has already proved that he can mix with seniors, UK, US and European athletes. When he gets a bit older, he will also get experienced and stronger, this will lead him to higher places.”

Haynes finally said that they are hoping Mahamed to progress towards Euros, Worlds and eventually Olympics.

Head of Southampton Solent Sports Programme, Matt Bishop, also talked about Mahamed’s accomplishments and the benefits of the High Performance Programme.

“This programme is great for the students who wants to get a degree while developing in their sport.” He said they help athletes in and out of the degree with everything.

Mahamed was a just first year student when he attended to High Performance Programme at Southampton Solent University.

Bishop said Mahamed is a one of the great example of successful athletes they are currently raising. “He is running for England and he is the crowned champion of university sector of national champion of 3000. He is doing amazing.”

Bishop finally said that they are getting ready to attend outdoor athletics with Mahamed Mahamed on May 2018.


By Jale DIncher