Some #’s actually have a meaning!

WE have less than a month until Christmas. Black Friday, which was originally a one-day event, has gradually extended to a weekend of savings, spreading to Cyber Monday for online exclusives. If you’re lucky enough, you would have grabbed yourself a bargain, but what about those who are less fortunate?

One of the logos with #, created fr Giving Tuesday.
One of the logos with #, created fr Giving Tuesday.

Even during this amazing sale time, not everyone has the expenditure to go shopping, that’s why Giving Tuesday is the best time to give back to the community. This social movement of charitable giving started in 2012 in the US, as a response to the unbelievable sales after Thanksgiving.

Many organisations, and individuals, participate in this movement globally by donating, volunteering, sharing and liking posts on Facebook. This year celebrities have endorsed the event extensively, with the likes of tennis star Novak Djokovic, and pop star Dua Lipa expressing their support.

One of the administrators of the Giving Tuesday UK said.

“It promotes the selfless, excellent work that so many organisations do globally to make the world a more humane place.”

According to the Facebook group, Giving Tuesday UK, the amount donated to the organisation, as well as number of interactions on social media is on the rise. In 2016, $168 million was donated online worldwide and in 2017, $274 million. This year donations are predicted to increase even more.

It raises hundreds of millions of dollars for charities worldwide, helping the most vulnerable people and animals.”

Unfortunately, the factor in offline donations is harder to measure.


Giving Tuesday table placed at Solent University in Southampton.
Giving Tuesday table placed at Solent University in Southampton.

Solent University, in Southampton, also got involved in this action. Ruth Andrews, alumni relations and fundraising officer said:

“It’s very exciting time at the university, this is the first time we’ve got involved with Giving Tuesday, and we get involved to raise awareness how about our alumni staff and friends of the University can get involved and support Solent students”

It’s easy to get carried away in cherishing those close to you, however Giving Tuesday is a great way to give back to Southampton’s community.

The leading slogan of Giving Tuesday.
One of the leading slogans of Giving Tuesday.

If you wanted to get involved here are a few charities that would greatly appreciate your help.