Southampton dressed to impress for Ant and Dec’s Supercomputer

Ant and Dec’s Supercomputer was in West Quay last Sunday.

Thousands of people flocked to West Quay to try and impress the Supercomputer.

Anyone over 18 could try their luck in front of the machine and possibly win a pair of tickets to New York.

A lot of people came dressed up as they attempted to impress the Computer with their hidden talents.

Some danced, some sang, some did magic tricks. But not everyone impressed the Computer and left with just a lollipop.

Many people dressed up to try and stand out from the crowd.

Aunt and niece duo, Stacey and Ashli Burt, came dressed up as Weather Girls to try their luck in front of the Super Computer.

The computer was pleased with their performance so they made it through to the second round in the afternoon.

Ashli, 18, said: “We’re definitely looking forward to Round 2, we’ve got to come back at 12.30 to do it all again!”

Stacey, 38, was excited but exhausted: “I feel so tired after that! I haven’t done the crab since I was about ten so I may need some physiotherapy now!”

Tune in this Saturday on ITV1 at 7pm to find out if Stacey and Ashli won the pair of tickets to New York.

Southampton shoppers showed their skills to try and win a trip to New York.


Written by Géraldine John