Southampton raises awareness on equality

by Salma Ammar (@salmammammar)

EQUALITY is the theme of an exhibition in Southampton. The exhibition aims to raise awareness on the history of equality in the UK. Its diverse take on equality is clearly demonstrated through advocating for all kinds of equality, but from the perspective of women.

Hosted by Centric Community Projects, and is managed by the Milton Keynes Equality Council. It takes place every Thursday and Friday from 10am till 2pm at Dukes Keep, and is expected to end around the end of March.

The exhibition covers the nine strands of equality stated in the Equality Act 2010. According to its brochure, the exhibition will go about different places in the UK, “unfolding the extraordinary challenges faced by ordinary individuals.”

Other than Southampton, this exhibition has taken place in Coventry and Reading, featuring the history of equality in terms of race, religion and belief, age, sexual orientation, disability, civil partnerships and marriage and other aspects as well.

Centric Community Projects is a “nationwide charity supporting other charities and non-profit organizations by providing free commercial space throughout the UK.” So far, it has “given a home to over 300 organisations and has embarked on a significant expansion program.”

In relation to the exhibition, Julie Ion, Chief Executive at Centric Community Projects, has said, “The event’s been going on in here since March, and it’s planned to go on until at least the end of March next year now.

Equality Exhibition - Julie Ion - Salma Ammar
Julie Ion

We’re planning a relaunch next year, about the 8th of March, when it’s International Women’s Day, where we’ll be introducing a lot more content, which is about local females to make the exhibition more relevant to the local population.”

Milton Keynes Equality Council is an “independent voluntary organization which works throughout the UK.” Its goal is to create a “fair society that gives everyone an equal chance and empowers them to learn, work, live and develop free from discrimination and prejudice and from the fear of hate crime.”

Navrita Atwal
Navrita Atwal

Navrita Atwal is a trustee for Centric Community Projects, and is also the Chief Executive for Milton Keynes Equality Council. She was made an Ambassador for Peace in 2010, and has dedicated years of her career towards equality.

The equality expert was present to comment on the exhibition, she said, “This is a very important event, and I would say, it’s the first of its kind in the whole of the UK.

There have been women exhibitions before, but not to the level that this one is being portrayed.”

“This is the biggest exhibition, with over 100 high-resolution exhibition boards just on women’s equality.”