Street Art: Love it Hate it. What is the impact on Southampton?

The impact of the street art seems to be increasing in Southampton day by day. In February this year, Southampton’s bins were turned into an outdoor art exhibition by Kev Munday. He painted ten bins over two weeks. The trail was funded by Go! Southampton and made with the support of Southampton City Council.

Painted bin in Cultural Corner.
Painted bin in the Cultural Quarter.

Street art is being taken a lot more seriously as an art form in recent years, both through public art projects and galleries working with street artists.

Kev Munday, currently named as one of the of the top five investable artists in the UK, said:

“I think it is great that Southampton is embracing it so much, with the recent emphasis on art in general in the cultural quarter, it is really positive that they are taking street art seriously as an art form, particularly Solent Showcase Gallery with the exhibitions and live art events they have been programming.”

The idea came about as a part of his residency exhibition at Showcase Gallery.

Kev, said: “I wanted to leave a permanent installation in the city, and it was great to be able to leave so much work to be seen by passers-by, and they have been well received by the public from what I hear.”








Located in the Cultural Quarter. One of the ten bin that was painted by Kev Munday.

However how street art is affecting the local businesses?

Berken Fuat, an employee in Jacks of London, said:

“For creative businesses like this one, street art has a positive impact because it inspires people. However, I think that for more conservative businesses the impact is not so positive, and they do not appreciate the street art near their buildings.”

Despite the opinion on what kind of impact street art is causing to the city be varied, some people believe that this type of art can bring a more positive image to the city.

Nicky Anderson, from John Hansard Gallery, said:

“I believe that street art is positive for everyone and particularly in Southampton, where so much is going on, it can attract even more people to come to the city.”