Stressed students take to colouring books

by Sean Rafferty (@SeanR95)

STUDENTS are turning to a new method of relieving day-to-day stress by using new adult colouring books.

Becky Morton, a Performance student at Southampton Solent University, started using the colouring books when she developed anxiety after starting her course.

“On the course I’m doing now; I developed anxiety and it’s bad anxiety because I’ll rehearse but when I’m in front of a camera I’ll forget and it looks bad… I started looking for a remedy.”

Adult colouring books have peaked in popularity during 2015, with 3 colouring books aimed at adults holding spots on Amazon’s best sellers list for over 9 months.

Fans of the books, such as Becky, say they provide a good alternative to suggested self-treatments for stress and anxiety:

“I personally have quite a low attention span so I get distracted quite quickly, but this is easy to get into.

Meditation needs you to get into a zone but with the colouring books I can get distracted but get back into it. It also helps me concentrating. I think it’s better than things I’ve tried in the past.”

In addition to their therapeutic uses, Becky also stressed the nostalgic elements the books have to offer.

“I feel it’s nostalgic to doodle and draw and things like that like when I was a kid.

As we get older we lose that and we don’t have time because it’s the adult world. We have so much to do, but its nice to have time to sit down and rekindle it.”

Due to their popularity, many stationary companies are now setting up specific shop categories for adult colouring books and some publishers are producing books to specifically combat stress such as the ‘Art Therapy’ line of books.

Becky also points out that since the books are targeted to adults she has not experienced any stigma towards using one:

“You could really buy any kind of colouring book; but this is nice because it’s one of those things that is directed at people my age instead of kids, it doesn’t make it as weird to people.”

Hear more from Becky below: