The importance of volunteers in sport

There are more than three million people who volunteer in sport across the UK and without them grassroots clubs would struggle to exist.

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Just one volunteer enables eight people to become active in local sport.

Over 70,000 gave up their time to make the country proud to help at the London Olympic Games in 2012.

Prime Minister at the time David Cameron applauded all the volunteers on their commitment to make the running of the games a success.

Credit: @Number10gov
Credit: @Number10gov

This particular event was a milestone for Britain, the moment when volunteering emerged from the shadows.

As well as helping other people, volunteering also has personal benefits such as developing new skills, meeting new people and positivity according to sport England.

And the skills gained can lead to other opportunities in the future, something that Southampton Women’s manager Simon Parker is hoping for.

Simon Parker during training Credit: Bilcliff Photography
Simon Parker during training
Credit: Bilcliff Photography

“I do a lot of voluntary football coaching to get the experience and more knowledge and also give me time to do what I want to do.

“I would love it if the women became so successful or improve in such a way that I can earn enough to get by. But if not, hopefully an opportunity will come up where if I do a good job, maybe something will come up.”