Ultimate Strongman World Championship to come to Southampton

This year, the Ultimate Strongman World Championship is coming to Southampton. St Mary’s Stadium will host the action-packed event which will take place this summer on June 3.

Southampton has been chosen as the ideal location after the Summermania show was also hosted at the football stadium last year.

Glenn Ross, five-time UK’s Strongest Man told The Report: “We decided to bring major strongman events to Southampton because we had so many requests from people wanting a big show in the South.

“Southampton was the perfect choice – we knew St Mary’s Stadium welcomed new and interesting events, so we staged our first Summermania there last year. It was so successful, we decided to make Summermania the official Strongman World Championship this year.”

Ross founded the Ultimate Strongman World Championship along with TV producer David McConachie.

Not only will the audience get to see this action-packed competition, McConachie told the Report this year’s show at St Mary’s will be more exciting than ever.

“This year we will be staging 2 world record attempts at St Mary’s – including Southampton’s own Aaron Page attempting a new Giant Tyre Flip World Record. The 12 World Finalists will battle it out over 5 great challenges…we think it will be our biggest and best show yet.”

Strongman is one of the fastest growing spectator sports in the country. McConachie added:

“Shows are now attracting as many as 10,000 fans because it is the perfect family entertainment – amazing feats of strength, pyrotechnics, great fun and children absolutely adore it. Last year we were so pleased to see hundreds of children meeting the strongmen with huge smiles on their faces.”

Last year’s Summermania winner, Martins Licis, will be returning to Southampton to compete against some of the title winners from across the world.

Competing against him will be the UK’s current Strongest Man title holder, and the Ultimate Strongman world champion, Laurence Shahlaei. He said this will be one of his toughest challenges yet.

Scotland’s Tom Stoltman, Poland’s Mateusz Kieliszkowski and the USA’s Nick Hadge are just some of the other global champions competing.

Ticket prices range from £16.58 to £160.49 and can be purchased online at www.eventbrite.co.uk

Nick Hadge (USA), meeting some of his young fans
Nick Hadge (USA), meeting some of his young fans