Winchester City Council offers disabled resident hotel room following week long lift repairs

FOLLOWING a week long repair delay of a broken lift at Braxton House in Winchester, elderly residents and those with mobility issues found day to day life struggles increased- with a resident saying they felt ‘trapped’.

This caused one resident to be given a hotel room by the council as well as additional support being provided for lifting/carrying.

Braxton House, in Winnall, is maintained and owned by the council, who claim that a power surge was the main cause for repair but not the reason as to why it took nine days.

Forced to use the stairs for over a week, the elderly residents struggled to do their shopping and go about their lives.

Braxton House


The Communications Officer for Winchester Council said: “We are very sorry residents at Braxton House had to endure a week without a lift- this must have been especially difficult for residents with mobility problems.

“The lift has been repaired. The Council will be looking into why the contractor took a week to resolve the fault and to ensure we learn any lessons that can be used to improve our services in the future.”


Power surges effected every council house elevator in Winnall, but Braxton House took the longest to repair. The council are ensuring more will be done to prevent this from happening again

Following the Autumn budget announcement by Philip Hammond on the 22nd November, £1bn is to be allocated nationally for housing, meaning Winchester may now have the capabilities to undergo renovations/repairs with more efficiency, as well as bringing forward more projects that were previously shelved.

Councillor Caroline Horrill, Leader for Housing said: “It’s reassuring to hear the governments commitment to fund more housing. We have doubled our target for Council House new builds to 600 homes. The next step is to finance the building costs and these Budget announcements are a positive step forward.”