Church debates LGBT rights

THE Church of England today had a debate on the LGBT rights on same sex marriage.

This has sparked controversy with those who reject this potential policy, many have gone to social media to express their distaste on the situation.

One tweet read: “Proud to be gay, now make me proud to be Christian.”

With that said, it is important to recognise no actual policy is being decided today.

LGBT Flag: (Source Benson Kua)
LGBT Flag: (Source Benson Kua)
















According to the telegraph, David Walker, the Bishop of Manchester calls for the church to adopt a fresh tone towards the subject.

He also said to Telegraph: “What we have said is that we are committed to maximum freedom and I and many of the other bishops are very keen to explore the full extent of what that means. If we don’t change the law but everything else is up for grabs, everything else is up for conversation.”

Here in Southampton, Solent Journalism has had no response from six local churches, to comment on the situation.

Furthermore the LGBT community have been angered by the bishop’s report and they believe the discrimination against them remains.

by Savannah Smith (@Smith1311A) and Stephanie Ospina (@ospinamfj)