A successful comedy night in one of the local pubs in Southampton


LAST Monday, the local pub Frog & Frigate in Southampton welcomed talented stand-up comedians from Solent Comedy.

The Frog & Frigate’s comedy night was the part of the monthly tour of the society of stand-up comedians from all around the UK and Ireland.

Six comedians (Julie Bowring, Marcus Frankland, Nathan Eagle, Paige Williams, Philip Archer-lock and Will Turner) contributed to the two-hour set of acts in front of the packed venue.

The show started at 8PM and the performers engaged the local audience in a liberal way by touching some of the sensitive subjects and using the language more appropriate for the adult audience.

Funny stories about the toilets were chosen to be the common subject in each performance.

Each performer aimed to engage the audience with their different personalities and wide range of jokes and funny stories about the random situations in everyday life.

‘’It’s great fun to be upon the stage and you really feel good when you make people happy by making them laugh,” said one of the performers Philip Archer-Lock.

Philip is one of the students who takes the advantage getting an experience from performing in front of the wide range of audiences.

“There is a really great potential of the night,” said the organiser and the leader of Solent Comedy Dan Churchley.

Mr. Churchley showed the piece of magic and tried to keep the audience entertained throughout the whole evening.

Each event of Solent Comedy is free and people can win free drinks.

“The comedy does really attract people in Southampton and we hope to give people a really good time,” said manager of the Frog & Frigate pub Derek Gardener.

The tour continues today in Southsea at the Kings Pub at 7:30PM and Solent Comedy is planning to come back to Southampton’s Frog & Frigate on 4 December.

by Lucia Cuprova (@LuckaCuprov)