Did Fresher’s Week include your #BestNightEver?

THE phrase “best night ever” has become popular over recent weeks as students across the UK enjoy their first weeks at university in a slightly different manner.

Fresher’s week is usually associated with drinking, clubbing and general late night behaviour and it certainly isn’t for the faint-hearted. But thanks to mental health organisation, Student Minds, this could be about to change.Student Minds

The organisation that was founded in 2009 invited students to “take back social media” by joining the “#BestNightEver”  trend on Twitter in order to try and combat the peer pressure linked with fresher’s week.

Nick Klein, a campaigner for Student Minds, says the most important thing about #BestNightEver is that it “empowers students to not feel restricted to feeling that their student experience has to be a certain way”.

Students have taken to watching the Great British Bake Off together, starting up reading clubs and even planning trips to the theatre as part of the social media movement.

With freshers week now becoming a more diverse time with even more activities to do, many students are giving up drinking all together.

The number of teetotal 16-24 year olds has risen by 40% since 2005 and some put it down to campaigns much like this one.

Jake Randall of Solent University says “It’s encouraging to see students give up on drinking and find alternative ways of enjoying themselves, especially during a time like freshers when everybody feels the peer pressure to go out clubbing.”