Bricks disappear from recently bricked off underpass

STUDENTS are baffled as to why an underpass was bricked up without warning from the council, leaving local residents confused as to why some people’s preferential route is no longer available.

However, less than a week later the bricks have completely gone with no trace of them ever being there confusing local residents.

The underpass may have not been the most desirable route for everyone, but many students living in the area admitted to using it as the quicker way home. The underpass is directly opposite Central Hall, and it’s also a road commonly used to get to Solent student residences such as Kimber and Hamwic halls and also private student accommodation such as Liberty Quays and Capital House, which the underpass leads to almost directly.


Google Maps
Google Maps



Bricks appeared over the course of a day’s work sometime in the week beginning the 15th of November and disappeared less than a week later.  Despite the fact that some students favour the route many feel it to be unsafe and eerie particularly at night.


Confused Students
Confused Students


Britt Robbins, a student who lives at Liberty Quays (Student Accommodation local to the underpass) said: “ I was quite pleased when they bricked up the underpass because I didn’t think it was a safe at all. I thought the council was doing something to improve their city safety, however; the bricks just disappeared within a week with no trace.  What was the point?”

Ben Claridge a previous resident of Deanery (Solent student accommodation) said; “ That is how I used to walk to the town, to university and all other places. It would have not changed my life however, I was a bit annoyed when I first saw that it was blocked off and especially annoyed the fact that we had no warning whatsoever, despite that I am happy that its back to using again.”

Unfortunately, the council were unable to comment.

With mixed reviews of the underpass were all left with the question of why it was closed off in the first place only re-open it so soon.

Dilyana Golomehova