Community photography project comes to Southampton

A NEW project is coming to Southampton next week in the hope of bringing the community together.

Next Saturday (March 30), an array of faces will be projected onto the Bargate, representing this special project.

‘Face The Date’ is a creative unique art project that will make a contribution to the Creative Case for Diversity. It intends to mark the special date, a day after the UK is due to Brexit from the EU.

The main aims of the project are to reach people in the UK, to build a collage of people’s faces (showing diversity) and to create an amazing piece of visual art in the heart of Southampton’s city centre – the Bargate.

The project is aiming to officially attempt to break the current Guinness World Record for the ‘most contributors to a photo collage’.

At the moment, the record is 2264 metres squared/24371 feet squared. This was recorded two years ago.

Once the pictures have been collected from the online gallery, they will be displayed on a digital collage on 30-31 March.

This is where the photos will be projected next Saturday.

Joanna Czapraga-Nisha, who works at Lloyds Bank and was the founder of this project, says: “Southampton is such a diverse town; we have customers from all sorts of backgrounds. I was inspired to reflect on what it’s like to live in UK today, and decided to create my own project that offers unique perspectives on humanity, culture, and life in the UK.”

The project has been receiving lots of positive feedback so far and has also been getting a lot of help and support from those at Lloyds Bank.

The scheme has also partnered with the ‘Umbrella Arts Festival’ that will be taking place one week before the final projection of the digital photos. It is part of the ‘Day of Art’ event in Southampton.

The Bargate is a very popular monument in Southampton.

Joanna says: “I have been working closely with The Southampton Culture Development Trust and with Solent Creatives to organise this event. We have developed a marketing strategy and promotion plan to attract and involve as many as possible people all over across the country in both ways – as live audience members as well as primary participants.”

To join the project and community, you can upload a photo on the website here.

Currently, there are 273 photos uploaded. With only ten days left, make sure you contribute your face to the wall.

To find out more about this project, follow the website links below:

Website Address:

Contact Email:

by Aimee Barnes (@Aimseea), Katie Woodcock (@katiewoodcockx) and Connor Macmahon (@connormacmahon)