Dream comes true for local writer

HAMPSHIRE woman fulfils her childhood dream by publishing her first book.

Bethan Evans is promoting her new book mainly on social media. Picture supplied by Bethan Evans

Writing has always been a passion for Bethan Evans, as young as six years old, she already had the habit of writing stories.

Born in Bishopstoke, the 29-year-old has just published her first book, a novel called Necropolis.

Her novel tells the story of Wyn, a 16-year-old girl from Suthchester – a mix of Southampton and Winchester.

Living under an oppressive sexist Government, Wyn faces all kinds of challenges to achieve her goals.

The story was inspired by a dream Bethan had, but does this dystopian world she created have anything to do with ours?

She said: “The dream inspired some of the ideas – but I got a lot of inspiration from aspects of the real world, including my time working in the training department for Hampshire Fire and Rescue and lots of different people inspired ideas.”

“Necropolis’s strong female main character brings an important message not only for the public, but also for the author herself.

“The idea – although the oppressive society was purely to fit with the plot – is for all readers to remember that they are capable of so much more than they realise, and owe it to themselves to aim for their dreams as much as possible.

”I struggle a lot with my own confidence and self-worth, so it is a good boost for myself too.”

Unfortunately, the pandemic made the promotion of Bethan’s new book challenging, however, she already has some ideas of what to do once the Covid-19 measures are lifted.

“I have no set plans yet, but I hope to be able to do some signings and visit my old school after restrictions lift, also would be happy to do interviews and promo opportunities with local media.”

Excited with her first published work, the author plans to keep writing and exploring new styles in the future.

Bethan revealed: “I am writing the Necropolis sequel, but equally am writing a completely separate fantasy which is a very different style.

”I love to create and explore new worlds!”

Necropolis is – on sale! – available for purchase on Amazon.

All pictures kindly provided by the author.

by João Pedro A. Thomaszeck (@JPThomaszeck)