ELECTION 2019 – only 5 days left to register to vote : Nine million people missing from the Electoral Roll

AS THE door of another general election opens to Great Britain, it is estimated by The Independent that over nine million people are missing from the electoral roll or have not registered to vote at their current address. 

Paul Holmes the Tory Candidate for Southampton, Itchen.

But what does this mean for Southampton and the country as a whole?

In the Itchen area of Southampton, in the last general election the Conservative candidate Royston Smith won by the tiny margin of only 31 votes, a staggering result.

However, there are nine million people who are not on the electoral roll or are registered to vote at their current address in Itchen, Southampton.

This constituency alone shows that every vote really does matter in elections. Those 31 votes this time around could quite easily be the difference between the Conservatives winning the seat again, or losing it to the Labour Party candidate.  

Conservative candidate for Southampton Test, Paul Holmes believes that the younger generation can have an impact determining the outcome of this upcoming election.

But, it remains to be seen whether or not they turn up in great numbers which will then reflect, once the votes have been counted and the door of yet another general election closes. 

He will hope to win the seat in Itchen, Southampton

It is clear to see that students can be the difference in this election and with a lot of young people wanted their voices heard.

Looking at the voting turnout statistics of the 2016 EU Referendum, 90% of over 65s turned out to vote, compared to just 64% of 18-24 year olds.

Those who decided not to vote because ‘their vote doesn’t matter’, are being told to go and vote if they are unhappy about Brexit or the way the country is currently being run. 

We spoke to Paul further, as he took a short break from the campaign trail and engaged with local business owners and residents in Cosy Cafe, Eastleigh. 

Paul giving his thoughts on a number of the current hot political topics

By Alex Daniel (@_alexdaniel97)