ELECTION 2019 – only 5 days left to register to vote: Students could miss voting in the general election, as they prepare to go home for Christmas.

WITH this being the countries first December general election in over 100 years, it could affect the student vote because a lot of students will start heading home for Christmas. 

The date of the general election has finally been decided for December 12 this year. However, it has been pointed out that it could have been done on purpose, as most students in the UK will be heading home for Christmas at this time, and will be in between addresses. 

It will only take 5 minutes to register online. Make sure to complete your registration by the November 26!  

The question is, if students are traveling home on the day of the election, will they bother voting at all?

During the 2017 general election, some of the seats were actually swung by students. 

Oxford and Cambridge university are some of the universities that have shorter terms and finish earlier, which would not affect voting in the general election. 

However, there are multiple universities that finish later in December, including a number of universities in Scotland. For example, the University of Edinburgh which finishes on December 20, completely missing the election. 

It is so important for students to vote in this general election, make sure to do your research and make the right choice. Your university can help you on what to do. 

Vocational based institutes also tend to finish later on December. 

A close race for power for a university seat is Newcastle-under-Lyme which is held by Labour by only 30 votes and Southampton Itchen is held by the Conservatives by 31 votes. 

An example of the Christmas holidays affecting the vote is, Conservative Minister Nicky Morgan who has the majority of Loughborough of about 4,000 and the near-by Loughborough University which have over 13,000 members of staff and students. 

A lot of these students will be heading home for Christmas around December 12, which could affect the vote. 

 Youthsight have been tracking the student vote since 2004. These statistics are from the latest October 2019 wave, compared to August 2019 wave. 

Recent data from YouthSight shows what percentage of students are likely to vote for each party: 43% for Labour, Liberal Democrats stand at 22%, Conservatives are on 11% and Green Party is at 14%. 

Students could possibly be going home for the Christmas holidays on the day of the election.

Students can be registered at both their home and term-time addresses, but can only vote in one place. Students can also register for a postal vote by filling out an application form. So, it’s not impossible for students to vote in the general election. 

Labour Party organiser Amanda Ford explains the different ways students can vote.

by Chloe Pitman (@ChloeePitman).