ELECTION 2019 – only 5 days left to register to vote: What are the Southampton candidates all about?

SOUTHAMPTON is represented by three seats in Parliament, and each seat covers one region in the city.

Southampton Test

This constituency largely covers the western side of Southampton, with the Millbrook, Portswood, Redbridge, Shirley, Freemantle, Coxford, and Bevois wards.

Alan Whitehead – Labour Party

  • Sitting Member of Parliament for the area since 1997
  • Won the 2017 General Election with a majority of 11,508 votes
  • Key local aim: Implementing Labour’s Green City Plan for Southampton

Steven Galton – Conservative Party

Philip Crook – Brexit Party

  • Resident in Southampton since 2003
  • Served in the Army since 1975 and retired in 2006
  • Key local aim: “Take full advantage of Brexit and the opportunities it presents.”

Katherine Barbour – Green Party

Joe Richards – Liberal Democrats

  • Came third in London’s Hackney North constituency in 2017 behind Amy Gray (Conservatives) and Diane Abbott (Labour)
  • Key local aim: Improving Southampton’s air quality

Southampton Itchen

Southampton Itchen’s wards are: Bitterne, Harefield, Bargate, Bitterne Park, Peartree, Woolston, and Sholing

Royston Smith – Conservative Party

  • Sitting Member of Parliament for the area since 2015
  • Won the 2017 General Election with a majority of 31 votes
  • Former Leader of Southampton City Council from 2010-2012
  • Councillor for the Harefield ward from 2000-2015
  • Key local aim: “Make Southampton and its residents safer, more prosperous and to make our city one of which we can all be proud”

Simon Letts – Labour Party

  • Former Leader of Southampton City Council from 2013 to 2018
  • Served as a Councillor for eighteen years
  • Lost his Bitterne council seat in 2018 to the Conservatives by 295 votes
  • Key local aim: Improving social care and funding the NHS

Liz Jarvis – Liberal Democrats

  • Formerly a Labour voter, joined the Lib Dems in August 2018
  • Worked with the Southampton cruise industry for the past seven years
  • Key local aim: Fighting for better mental health provisions

Osman Sen-Chadun – Green Party

  • Member of the British Computer Society
  • Southampton resident for over 20 years
  • Key local aim: Encourage investment in sustainable energy production and promote the use of electric vehicles

Kim Rose – UKIP

  • UKIP Candidate for Southampton Itchen in the 2015 and 2017 General Election
  • Key local aim: “No homelessness within 6 months” of being elected

Romsey and Southampton North

A small part of this large constituency covers the north end of Southampton, namely the Swaythling and Bassett wards.

Caroline Nokes – Conservative Party

  • Sitting Member of Parliament for the area since 2010
  • Key local aim: Supporting local businesses

Craig Fletcher – Liberal Democrats

  • Businessman who founded Multiplay in 1997 (sold to Game Digital PLC, 19 years later)
  • Advocate for investing in Games and Esports and self described ‘tech evangelist’
  • Key local aim: “Stopping a disastrous no-deal Brexit”

Claire Ransom – Labour Party

  • First time as a running Labour Parliamentary candidate
  • Labour previously came third behind the Liberal Democrats in the 2017 General Election
  • Key local aim: Investing in the area

Geoff Bentley – UKIP

  • Key local aim: “Send a message to our liar politicians that they will never forget”

Why are some parties missing in certain seats?

The Brexit party will not stand in Southampton Itchen or Romsey and Southampton North following Nigel Farage’s announcement that the party will not contest seats won by the Conservative Party in 2017.

The Green Party will not stand in Romsey and Southampton North as part of the Remain alliance.

by Scott Morgan (@Neclord_), Chloe Pitman (@ChloeePitman), Alex Daniel (@_alexdaniel97), Hollie Busby (@BusbyHollie) and Laura Stockdale (@lauraastockdale).