Fears staff jobs could be axed


Sean Campbell @johnnyenglish

Southampton Solent University staff members are bracing themselves for possible redundancies.

Staff have already been told the institution plans to save money for the next two upcoming years and a voluntary severance scheme has already been rolled into action.
A university source, who asked not to be named, has said “The job losses could come into an affect within 18 months.
The source described the whole situation as “pretty drastic.”
The source also claimed the loss of jobs could result in the university “losing autonomy”.
A voting scheme of a no confidence has been put against vice chancellor Graham Baldwin. According to UCU data, there were 223 members eligible to vote, with 156 votes cast (69.95% turnout). A vote of no confidence was received from 149 members, or 95.5%. A vote of confidence was received from only seven members, or 4.5%.

In response to a story about the possible redundancies published in the Daily Echo, a statement from Vice-Chancellor Graham Baldwin was circulated to staff. He said: “The savings we are planning to make will help future-proof the University. We are working to ensure we retain a skilled and agile workforce to continue to improve our reputation, and deliver an exceptional student experience.”

He added that “No target has been set for redundancies”.

UCU official Moray Mcauley has explained: “This vote is a clear signal that staff are deeply dissatisfied with the university’s leadership and concerned about the implications of the plan to make significant financial savings. The unions will meet to discuss the outcome and agree of next steps.

Unison chair of the Southampton district Tomasa Bullen has said: “There will be compulsory redundancies as part of a four- phased process. Alongside compulsory redundancies there is a voluntary scheme”.



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