Fighting for gender equality through fashion

by Lauren Berry (@_lauren_berry)

FASHION Management and Marketing students have used fashion in the fight for gender equality.

Each segment was based on a feminism statistic.

Solent University students Holly, Ali and Camille put on a show titled ‘Women Can Too’ which incorporated feminism into fashion.

All proceeds of the show were donated to The Fawcett Society, which is the UK’s leading women’s rights charity.

Miss Southampton was invited as a special guest along with the mayor.

The charity promotes gender equality at work, in their private life, and at home for women all over the world.

The event was hosted by beauty, fashion and lifestyle blogger, Talk Becky Talk.

Becky opened the show explaining how she didn’t let negative people get in the way of her dream career – which she is now living.

She explained how she started off working for the BBC as a journalist, and realised how “gender equality still has a long way to go.”

All proceeds from the show went to charity.

Councillor Linda Norris, the Mayor of Southampton, also did a short speech on how she feels gender equality has affected her career.

She said: “I went into the civil service after O levels because it was the only job with equal pay for women. As far as I’m concerned, my time is worth just as much (as men’s).”

The show was set out in an unusual and interesting way.

Gender equality was incorporated into the show through the use of statements shown at the beginning of each segment.

Statements such as: ‘Some Moroccan women are still compelled into marriage’ were shown when Sonia Funnell’s Moroccan inspired collection hit the runway.

Each model created a poster, which they held up at the end of the show.

Other fashion designers featured were Chloe Simmons, Yochelle Wilson, Li Xin Yalo, Pedro Jorge, and Roxanne Pitteway.

Some of the designers were Solent alumni students and others had recently graduated from college.

The show had many well-known sponsors such as; Clinique, Prima, Cosmopolitan, and Vita Coco.

Attendees are also given a chance of winning a two-week internship at one of the UK’s leading fashion magazines, Marie Claire.

To enter, attendees must write a 200-word extract about how they feel about feminism and how it was portrayed in the show.

I spoke to one of the show’s producers, Holly Pearson, about the ideas behind ‘Women Can Too’ which you can listen to below.