How the football world paid there respects on Remembrance Day

The centenary of the armistice was honoured throughout the footballing world, as clubs and players across the country joined together to pay their respects with a minutes silence.


Respects were payed from Premier League matches all the way down to non-league matches, including a commemorative  coin with a poppy on, used by referees for the coin toss.

Yeovil Town striker Alex Fisher reflected on his sides tributes “It’s huge, I’ve grown up and always been very aware of the generations before us that sacrificed their lives so that we could have the life we have today, I know that the club and the FA take it very seriously.


“I think the minute silence before a game on remembrance weekend is one where you often have a chance to reflect and everyone comes together in the whole industry of football.”

Yeovil’s commercial manager Dave Linney helped set up an auction of match shirts with an embroiled poppy on to help raise money for the Royal British Legion.

“It’s really special, we’ve been doing it now for over ten years.” He said.


“It’s worked well every season, we’re strongly supported with our own supporters who have bid for those shirts and this year alone have raised over ¬£2000 and I think it’s been similar amounts of money over previous years. It’s really a good way of getting some money together.”

As remembrance day passes on, it is important not to forget the history of our nation and respect the sacrifice made by many of our ancestors.

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