IKEA: Aiming to be more sustainable by 2030

IKEA is running a ‘buy back’ scheme from November 27 which allows customers to sell old furniture.

IKEA plans to be more environmentally friendly by 2030. Photo by: Thomas Lewis

The new project will give customers the chance to sell back their unwanted furniture in return for vouchers worth up to 50%.

Vouchers you receive will depend on the condition of the item and its original retail value.

The initiative will be introduced before Black Friday.

This is a bid to encourage customers to rethink before purchasing items they may not need.

This is part of IKEA’s plan to become more sustainable by 2030.

Ingvar Kamprad is the founder of IKEA and made a statement on their website: “No method is more effective than the good example.”

IKEA is already undergoing environmental actions such as:

· Kitchen fronts made of recycled plastic bottles.

· Phasing out single-use plastics.

· Over 750,000 solar panels on their stores along with their home solar solution to make solar energy more accessible to everyone.

· Promoting plant-based foods in their restaurant.

· Moving away from traditional light bulbs in favour of energy efficient bulbs.

They plan to phase out single use plastics in favour of recyclable materials including their famous big blue bags. Photo by: Thomas Lewis

IKEA have acknowledged that customers desire more sustainable products but understand the need for it to remain affordable.

Chief Sustainability Officer at Inter IKEA group, Lena Pripp-Kovac said: “We will use our scale to inspire and enable the many people to live a better everyday life within the boundaries of the planet by 2030.”

The permanent service will launch on November 27.

The furniture store will take all the necessary precautions to minimise the risk of cross-contamination in relation to Covid-19.

This includes the routine of quarantine and sanitising of items before being placed back on the shop floor.

By Elizabeta Cezma, Connor MacMahon, Hannah De Boltz (@Hannah_Boltz), Thomas Lewis (@thomasl19102947)