Is Christmas coming early to Southampton?

BEFORE all the trees have lost their leaves, the Christmas lights are starting to go up across the city of Southampton.

Classical tradition states that the afternoon of Christmas Eve is the suggested time to put up your tree, although over recent years this rule has been broken.

Nowadays, some British homes have their Christmas decorations up as early as 70 days before.

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Some seasonal ranges are stocked in stores from as early as September. Source

The streets of Southampton are already beginning to get covered in an assortment of lights and decorations but the one question on everyone’s mind: When is it too early?

Ellen Strand, 19, from Southampton said: “It’s never too soon to put up Christmas lights.”

The opinion is divided, as another local resident said: “Don’t be putting lights up in October… but getting presents ready is fine.”

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Candles are often used as Christian decorations to represent the star of Bethlehem. Source

British Christmas Tree Growers Association have suggested on their website: “Trees should not be purchased earlier than December 1, due to them not surviving any longer than 4 weeks.”

Locals of Southampton enjoy the festivities so much that the Christmas market last from November 14 until December 23.

It features alpine chalets, 40 stalls and is based on a traditional German market.

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You may want to head north for a white Christmas. Northern Scotland has had snow on Christmas day 34 times in 56 years. Source

Later than some – but still questionably early – The University of Southampton will officially start their Christmas celebrations on November 16.

Deputy Vice Chancellor Adam Wheeler will be switching on the lights at their Highfield Campus.

Although early celebrations have become the norm, it doesn’t appear that this new-found tradition will be broken any time soon.

by Benjamin Ashman (@bnjmnashmn), Abbie Jones (@AbbieJones_1998) and Annabelle Mullee (@AnnabelleMullee)