Is Manuka honey the latest weapon in the fight against infections?

SCIENTISTS have found that Manuka honey could be used to fight off deadly bacteria on hospital equipment.

Researchers at the University of Southampton have found that cleaning catheters with the honey stopped the build-up of superbugs.

Manuka honey has been found to possibly stop infection.

Honey has been used as a health remedy for years, but this new study on the mono-floral nectar made honey is the first of its kind.

Irish Nursing student at the University of Southampton, Tommy Tierney said: “I have not heard anything about it here, but at home it is widely used in medical dressings.”

“Honey and Manuka honey have a natural antiseptic that aids in the healing of wounds. It has also been known to have a more beneficial effect for those suffering from UTIS.”

The tests consisted of diluting the honey with distilled water to create a series of concentrations, and were then applied to bacterial cultures.

The results proved that Manuka honey significantly reduced the “stickiness” of the bacteria, and therefore developing in a biofilm that could cling to the medical equipment.

Manuka honey can be bought in supermarkets or health stores such as Holland & Barrett

DrBashir Lwaleed, associate professor of health sciences at the University of Southampton said to The Telegraph: “Catheter infection rates can account for a large proportion of hospital acquired infections.”

“We believe that patients might benefit also from honey’s anti-inflammatory properties, which are generally stronger in dark honeys, such as Manuka, and that antibacterial resistance is unlikely to be a factor when honey is used.”

Aside from its newfound medicinal properties, Manuka honey has been used in beauty products for years.

Beauty, fashion and lifestyle blog ‘Beauty Fashion Chit Chat’ used the Antipodes Manuka Honey Mask and said: “The Manuka Honey Mask contains Manuka Honey Active 20+, Pohutukawa Bloom and Vanilla Pod; is vegetarian society approved and is described as a luscious mask that leaves skin soothed and intensively hydrated.”

“Manuka honey has potent antibacterial properties to cleanse and help clear blemishes and is suited to most skin types.”

We spoke to the manager of Holland & Barrett in Southampton about the Manuka honey and the products they sell that contains it. Listen below to find out more:

by Katie Goodall (@KatieLGoodall) and Aimée Barnes (@_AimeeBarnes)