Jack Turner’s bid for national selection takes a hit

Welsh cross-country runner Jack Turner has had his chance of a senior call up squashed due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

Turner has previously represented his country at both under 20 and under 23, most recently in IAAF Northern Ireland International Cross Country in January 2019.

Since then Turner, 22, has completed his degree at Lancaster and moved back home to Pembrokeshire where he has been able to push his case for national selection case.

He had been planning on making his debut at the Snowdon International Race on July 18th but it has been cancelled in an effort to curb the spread of the Coronavirus.

Jack has ran the 7th fastest 10k for under 23’s in the UK this year
Image- Jack Turner Facebook

“There is talk of some try-out races being held in June but only if the government allows it and if it is considered safe to do so,” Turner said.

“But for me it’s all about pushing on and trying to stay fit for whenever it is we are allowed to race again,

“But since the Snowdon International is cancelled and that was taking place in July, I can’t see much chance of this going ahead,” Turner spoke of his chances of a call up in the future.

Turner has been keeping fit during the lockdown, running along the scenic Pembrokeshire coast to keep fit during the pandemic.

A snippet of the Pembrokeshire coast line
Image- Joe Selwood

A Sport England survey said that 18% of adults in lockdown have been running for their daily exercise.

Despite the lockdown, Turner has been trying to gain any marginal advantage to ensure that he’s in a place to claim his call up when the opportunity arises.

“I’ve personally tried to make some marginal aerodynamic gains by shaving my hair off!”

Package- Joe Selwood