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by Helen Jarvis (@hjarvis21)

WITH three British celebrities losing their battle with cancer in the first month of 2016 it seems clear that cancer is still a major problem in the world. Sir Terry Wogan, David Bowie and Alan Rickman all lost their battle with different types of cancer in January 2016.

Unity bands brought out by Cancer Research
Unity bands brought out by Cancer Research

Millions across the world recently took part in World Cancer Day. Many people used the day to raise money for people suffering with different types of cancer.

As part of World Cancer day, Cancer research brought out a new type of wristband called the “Unity Band”, the band costs £2 and can still be bought online.

Cancer Research shop Newport
The Cancer Research shop in Newport

The band comes with the slogan “together we can do something”. In 2013 there were over 350,000 cases of cancer and nearly 340,000 cases of cancer resulting in death in the UK in 2012.

Wessex Cancer Trust
Advice for cancer sufferers at Wessex Cancer Trust

Jordan Garnett was diagnosed with testicular cancer in March 2015. He immediately started treatment which began with an operation to remove one of his testicles, and within a few weeks started his chemotherapy.

Jordan went through many months of these treatments and due to the chemotherapy he has also lost most of the hair on his body.

In June 2015, after two months of chemotherapy treatments, he was given the “all clear” from his doctors. Jordan still has to make regular visits to the hospital for his blood tests, but for him the worst seems to be over.

World Cancer Day 1
A store window displaying posters on beating cancer

Next year, Jordan is hoping to take part in a walking event called, “Walk the Wight” to raise money for Cancer Research.

He said: “When you are in your mid-twenties you don’t think it is a problem you are going to have to face, but unfortunately cancer can get you at any age and time in your life.

“It is so important to keep raising money. Even though World Cancer Day is over the disease is still a very real problem.”

Jordan wants to make sure that people do not forget and keep raising funds for Cancer research.

Emma Skull, one of Jordan’s closest friends, will be taking part in a cycle raise later this year for Cancer Research.

She has currently raised £200 but hopes to raise more. She says: “I decided to take part and raise money when I heard about Jordan; it’s awful that things like this can happen to people.”

World Cancer Day Badge
World Cancer Day Badge






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Jordan talks about his plans to raise money next year: