KFC introduce new burger the ‘Double Down’ to the UK

FAST food giant KFC released their new burger in the UK on Monday.

The new burger, named ‘The Double Down’, consists of bacon, melted cheese and barbecue sauce, sandwiched between two breaded chicken fillets.

The Southampton city centre restaurant is busy with new people wanting to try the burger.

Whether it sounds appetising or not, don’t get too attached, because the Double Down is only available in the UK for six weeks.

Although it has only just hit the UK, the burger has been available overseas in many countries such as the USA, Japan and Spain having different variations of the famous burger.

The new burger will only be available for 6 weeks.

It has also been argued that the burger has health benefits due to the omission of carbs and has been described on the Independent as a ‘high protein, low carb’ meal.

It has also been said that for a fast food ‘meal’ it is low in calories, the original recipe for the Double Down is 540 calories.

Number one burger review website, Burger Lad said this about the new release: “I certainly enjoyed mine and I’m glad to see it in the UK but it’s perhaps not as amazing as I anticipated or had built up in my mind”.

By Josh Stokes (@JoshuaStokesUK), Sophie Luckett (@sophie_luckett), Sophie Long (@sophieelong_) and Mukami Ndungu (@kamiweru02)