Magical Kingdom carved from tree in Royal Victoria Country Park

A MEDIEVAL fantasy has come to life in a Netley woodland, after the Fairways Foundation decided to rescue a 140-year-old cedar tree by commissioning their own special transformation.

The 200-acre park’s oldest tree was due to be cut down after becoming diseased, however Lauren Oakley, project manager for the creation, saw an opportunity to bring a new attraction for children and families, and funding was given for professional wood sculptor Chris Bain to carve the stump.

The tree was due to be cut down due to a disease but was saved by Fairways

The 30 foot remains of the tree have been landscaped into a dragon, a castle, a wizard and accompanied by fairy style turrets with doorways and passages built to scale. It also includes a 20-foot-long picnic table

The dragon is standing guard of the castle, while a fairy is perched on the top of the tree reading a book, which is signed ‘Fairway Tales’, linking to the foundation involved in the project.

Lauren Oakley and Jo Collbourne are part of the Fairways Foundation

Organisation contributor Lauren Oakley said: “We just wanted to design a project in which our young people and our service users were able to give something back to the community. We are a childcare company with residential homes, and three schools as well as foster care.”

They are also holding an event for the sculpture’s grand opening on 14 April at 3pm where a host of activities suitable for young families will be offered to those attending.

The tree has been sculpted into a castle, owl, wizard and dragon

A bouncy castle and face painting, along with a host of arts and crafts are among some of the fun things to participate in at the opening.

Weeks before the event people are already turning out to witness the spectacle, and for children especially this is highly anticipated.

by Laura Stockdale (@LauraaStockdale), Rhiannon Rae (@RhiannonJourna1), and Hollie Busby (@BusbyHollie)