Parents challenge planned school merge

FURIOUS local parents have pleaded with education chiefs to scrap plans to merge two schools.

About 200 people packed into Quilley School in Eastleigh to challenge the proposed plans to merge the school with Crestwood College. Jade Wilce reports.

Quilley School
Quilley School, a school for Engineering, could merge with Crestwood College (below right)

In the first of many planned consultations to decide whether the schools would merge, parents of pupils attending Quilley School were fearful of changes causing disruption to their children’s education, and would force many to travel farther distances.

Hampshire County Council has said that falling pupil numbers and poor exam results at Quilley School are behind the proposed plans, which have yet to be decided.

Crestwood College specialises in Business and Enterprise
Crestwood College specialises in Business and Enterprise

Krista Dawkins, headteacher at Crestwood College, said that ‘creating stability’ was key and that it was important that the children were not considered as ‘guinea pigs’.

She also urged that, by merging both schools, better results would arise from the coalition, pushing both institutions into better positions.

Education bosses said that pupils will not have to travel between both sites during one day. Students who have listed Quilley School as one of their preferred schools will be allowed to resubmit their application if they wish to change their mind.

A second consolation will be held at Crestwood College in the near future.