Peace vigil to be held in Southampton to honour Christchurch victims

THE MUSLIM Council of Southampton are tonight hosting a peace vigil in honour of the victims of the terror attack on the two mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand.

The vigil begins at 6.45pm and will be held at the Peace Fountain in East Andrews Park.

Shookat, an Imam from Abu Bakr Mosque in Southampton, who are organising tonight’s vigil, said: “We as Muslims need to be more vigilant and aware — we need to be more careful so this situation won’t happen closer to home.

“We need to show our character, we need to show the teachings of Islam, to show we are very against the acts of terrorism, despite it always being associated with us.”

On Friday, a white supremacist gunman attacked innocent people during their time of pray.

The attack left 50 dead, hundreds injured, and many families broken.

Tributes and support have come flooding in from across the world, giving hope and comfort to the victims families.