Petition to save and preserve Southampton nightclub hits 2000 signatures

JESTERS nightclub has been petitioned to become a world heritage site by Southampton students.

The campaign, which has gathered 2000 signatures, focuses on the aim of turning the venue into a protected landmark.

Petition runner, Tom Mclean stated on the description: “Jesters has been a significant cultural site for many years for students in Southampton.”

The petition has gained many signatures.
The petition has gained many signatures.

“I believe it is eligible for world heritage status as it is a historically unique building which signifies a remarkable accomplishment of humanity and serves as evidence of our intellectual history on the planet.”

“…This is the only long-term solution to protect Jesters.”

Some students have commented that Jesters is their “home”, and that it is a “treasured and revered venue.”

Comments posted on the petition page.
Comments posted on the petition page.

Jesters has been put up for sale for £1.6 million, by its owners Lynda and Peter Green after more than 30 years of running the venue.

Originally established as simply Clowns, the place expanded over the years to eventually become the nightclub it is today.

Despite targeted at middle-aged drinkers at first, the place has grown more in favour of Southampton’s student population.

The nightclub, situated on Bevois Valley Road, is known for its popularity with students from the University of Southampton and drink prices as cheap as 50-60p.

Within the 32-week opening period, there is a turnover £500,000.

Jesters is now being sold as a job lot freehold unit, with the premises originally consisting of four individual townhouses.

Its description on Rightmove adds that despite the first and second floors receiving limited attention within the past few years, there is huge development opportunity for being in “prime student accommodation territory.”

We spoke to one employee at Jesters for their thoughts on the possible closure of Jesters.

By Josh Naughton, Alex Daniel, Mason Benning.