Re:So launch new vintage line ‘The Shed’ at blogger event

RE:SO, the student enterprise store in the Marlands shopping centre in Southampton, hosted a student-run event to promote the new vintage line, named ‘The Shed’.

Fashion students over a variety of courses at Southampton Solent University have worked together to create the line, organise the event and promote themselves on social media. The team have all worked together in professional roles to bring together this industry standard event.

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All the items in ‘The Shed’ line are available to buy at Re:So.

Having forecasted and studied potential Autumn/Winter trends, the students from fashion styling, fashion promotions and other fashion courses all came together to source the clothes and promote it to be sold in Re:So.

Vintage lead for the evening Charlotte Coulthard said: “It’s like a lot of responsibility is on us, they basically give us everything to do so we have the responsibility of spending the money and doing the shop up. It’ll stand out to a lot of companies what we’ve done.”

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Other students modelled the clothing for the audience of bloggers in a show performed at Re:So.

The vintage line launched with an event with SotonBloggers, bringing bloggers and creators from around Southampton together in the newly arranged store to be the first to see the work the students have done.

Whilst advertising the new collection, Re:So also aimed to promote the store and really emphasise the purpose of the store, as to provide industry experience for fashion students at Southampton Solent University. Throughout the eleven fashion courses that Solent has to offer, each one gets a chance to work with Re:So and sell items there.

Re:So gives Solent students the opportunity to sell jewellery, nail varnish and stationery as well as clothes.

The university prides itself in having a lot of industry level equipment and opportunities, from shops like Re:So to being the only university in the UK to have an ATMOS sound system, as well as the chance to work at a variety of Summer Festivals with Solent Productions and free access to industry level equipment.

“It’s important that we don’t just focus solely on the vintage launch because we have other brands and designers in the shop so we’ve got to make sure that the intention is still about student.” Events lead Jasmin Bassi said.

Re:So have given the store a new look with the launch of 'The Shed' line.
Re:So have given the store a new look with the launch of ‘The Shed’ line.

Abbey Kenny took on the role of Vintage lead throughout the project but was unfortunately unable to attend the launch. I spoke to Jasmin Bassi and Charlotte Coulthard at the event to find out more about the collection and the event.

Fashion management with marketing students, Chantelle Wilson and Veronica Stocco talked about how useful it is having a store like Re:So at their disposal.

By Sophie Luckett (@sophie_luckett)