Royals netball continue their training sessions virtually

Royals netball club have taken their training sessions online to keep their coaches and players active during the lockdown.

The Windsor based netball side have 204 players at the club and have been experiencing an 80% turnout for the sessions which have been moved to the video sharing site Zoom.

Traditionally they host ten weekly sessions but due to the large number of people in some age groups they’ve increased that to 14.

Royals’ chairperson, Claire Robertson, got the idea for the virtual sessions from her working life moving to the media sharing platform.

“I run a business where we are now working on Zoom, we quickly adapted to it, which led to us think about what you can do with the netball side,” said Robertson, whose two girls are part of the club.

“I knew it would be a challenge, but I felt we needed to get girls together to keep them connected,

“After the first session we got a really good reactions from parents, lots of emails and messages saying thanks but also offering feedback, a hugely positive reaction,” she continued.

“It gives the parents an hour-long break too!”

Club founder and head coach, Claire Yeoman, spoke of how people they had tried to adapt to the lockdown.

Image- Sophie Reynolds

“We had been sending out home sessions via email, but we quickly realised that they were not doing the sessions and were lacking self-motivation, they missed the connection and social interaction.”

The Royals have 11 coaches who help run sessions on a regular basis.

“They’ve loved it, after every session we get messages from players and parents saying how much they’ve enjoyed it, they feel achy the next day, but the benefits are great,” said Yeoman.

All professional netball in the UK has been suspended until at least May 31 and clubs have been promised two weeks of training before fixtures start again.

Yeoman is hoping for the same training time scale when they are allowed to return.