Rugby World Cup tears families apart

THE recent Rugby World Cup in Japan has caused a divide in families and torn them apart.

The mega event has shown the divide that large events can cause. Welsh rugby medic Jessica Langley had a strong point of view against the unity that mega events normally bring.

“The whole of Britain is put in to sections and none of the Welsh want England to win any rugby games and it’s the same with the Irish.

“If people have families that are half English and half Welsh it can divide the family.”

Young rugby fan

Although many sporting mega events are believed to help unify a country and bring people together, some people feel that it has the opposite effect.

However, Jack Dudley from Luton has a very different opinion towards families with split nationalities.

“For me I support both England and Ireland as half of my family are from England and half are Irish so I get two chances to do well.

“In Luton there is a big sense of everyone getting together for big events like the World Cup and a big sense of getting there to support.”

Photos: Wikimedia Commons

Dudley is not alone in believing that the World Cup does bring people together as Oliver Burton from Somerset said: “It makes me feel patriotic, it’s nice to watch and it brings people together.

“The pubs brings people together and so does the sponsorship.”