Sabbatical Officer Election 2015/16

by Aimee Barnes (@AimeeBerrie), Samantha Buxey (@Sahmanfaah), Tatiana Bergin (@TatianaJB101), Sophie Luckett (@SophieALuckett)

POLLS are now open to elect Solent Students’ Union’s Sabbatical Officer Team for the academic year 2016/17. Nominations are now closed but polls to elect President, VP Education, VP Employability and Enterprise and VP Welfare and Community are open until Friday 11 March at 15:00.

President – The President is to be the primary spokesperson for the Students’ Union and Chair of the Board of Trustees. They will hold responsibility over all Union activities, providing political leadership and coordinating the work of all elected officers.

VP Employability and Engagement – To represent student membership on all matters relating to employability and the development of opportunities to enhance students’ time at university and a Trustee of the Students’ Union.

VP Welfare and Community – To represent student membership on all matters relating to student support, health, safety and wellbeing, representing students in the community, and a Trustee of the Student’s Union.

All elected students and their manifestos are listed below in alphabetical order.

12822716_10205707522108148_163787224_oAdam Weeden – Media Technology
SU President candidate

“I’m Adam, a final year Media Technology Student, running to be your next Union President.

Since joining the university four years ago, I have been an active member of Solent Students Union, working in a number of societies such as Sonar Media, and volunteering and community projects like Eco Ernie and Street CRED.

Over the next year, I want to work closer with Sodexo across all campuses on a number of issues, including food choices, payment methods and food waste.

I want to lobby the University to increase residences funding, to allow much-needed improvements.

Finally, I’d like to try and improve the time students have to access specialist facilities such as editing suites or music studios.

Though my plans for the year don’t sound too ambitious, there’s only so much that can be achieved within a year, and I don’t want to make promises that I can’t keep. #VoteWeeden”


Bronwyn Mauchline – Geography and Marine Studies
VP Welfare and Community candidate

I’m Bronwyn Mauchline and I’m running for Vice President of Welfare and Community. I am a third year student of Geography and Marine Studies, a founding member of Geographical Society and I have also been involved in various projects over my time at university. I’m looking to teach stress management techniques, run fun activities all year and consult with all student groups to communicate ideas. Let’s start a voluntary blood donation program and a monthly sexual health clinic. I’m going to work hard to reduce waiting times for counselling sessions and also see more follow-up support for residence assistants. A best practice guide for Landlords will make our standards clearer to them and enable students to choose the best Landlord. I’d like to see more plants in the university and more controls on where you can smoke on campus. Finally, I’d like to show all students what services can be found at the SU and what I can do for you all.

Care about Welfare? Vote for BRONWYN

12823143_10205707522588160_789744675_oChris Cunningham –  Events Management
SU President candidate

“My name is Chris Cunningham, I’m a mature student and president of the Metal and Rock Society with 25 years employment history. Having worked for the Coastguard I can handle high-pressure situations. As a former pub manager, before fatherhood, I learned people skills. And as a former leisure club manager, fitness instructor and aerobics teacher I have demonstrated management and motivational skills. I believe there is a fundamental flaw in the way the SU promotes itself to students. Instead of waiting for them to find us, we should be actively finding them. Going to their lessons, addressing their concerns, attending their events. Involving ourselves, letting them know we that they are not just ‘customers’, but that they are a part of our family, and we will do what families do, look after each other. University can be a very lonely place if you have no support, we need to do more for our students…”

12822968_10205707521748139_1470448999_oEddie Eisinger – Film TV and Games
VP Employability and Engagement candidate


My name is Eddie Eisinger and I’m running for VP Employability and Engagement

My initial points to address if elected are as follows:

  1. Consult with current staff on how we can make the website more user-friendly, and ensure these changes are made quickly and efficiently.
  1. Engage more actively and personally with the various societies to ensure everyone is getting equal and the best possible service from the Student’s union as possible.
  1. Undertake regular visits to Warsash to engage with cadets on a 1-1, face to face basis

The key aspect I plan to focus on is student engagement.

There are a shocking number of students who don’t even know this is happening, let alone how it works or how we could help them with whatever they need, So I plan on implementing a variety of strategies to get more students interested in the systems we run and how it affects them, how they can make changes; how they can put forward their suggestions. The current system just isn’t working well enough to get people interested.

I also plan to focus on continuing to support and facilitate existing programs and systems in place, make sure that societies are aware of how to interact with the union, in terms of society funding and assistance, alongside this an immediate goal of mine is to see that the union website is updated to be more user-friendly.

I do have other plans, but far too many to list here as well as give enough information about.”

Emma Mitchell – Events Management
SU President candidate


Hi, I’m Emma, a final year Events Management student, passionate about achieving real outcomes.

I am currently C.E.O. of Solent Works, a voluntary, student events company and am responsible for 25 students. I am also a peer mentor to first-year events students, a peer mentor in a local secondary school, an ambassador and a waitress.

I love supporting students and want to help you make the most of your time at university. If I get elected, I am going to work on these four points:

Giving you other food options: more vegan, dairy free and gluten free options across the University.

Lower your extra course costs: printing fees, uniforms and software needed to complete assignments.

Enjoy your time here: a number of informal workshops to tackle issues you are facing.

Get you more experience: more employability events.

Make your voice heard. Vote for Emma.”

12349531_10205707522388155_215180495_oHanna Head – Buisness Economics
VP Welfare and Community candidate

“As a third year Business Economics student, having been at Solent for almost four years, I know the struggles that students are faced with. As Women’s Officer & NUS Delegate, I have already been elected by the students to represent your views at both a university & national level, gaining experience that will allow me to help students make a change.

I will work to create a better life & representation for all students at Solent & WMA, vote for me and I will:

  • Lobby for more funding for support services, host events on self-care & relaxation.
  • Safe Taxi Scheme, improve the Knight Bus.
  • Free sanitary products, sexual health advisers on campus regularly & consent campaign.
  • Workshops on budgeting.
  • “Rate Your Landlord” campaign.
  • Work to bring liberation groups/officers together, improve the universities policies on harassment.

Your Welfare, Your Community, Your Voice. @HannaAndLewis          #VoteHannaAndLewis”

Kaylee Nyberg – Events Management
SU President candidate

“Hi, I am hard-working, positive and ambitious! You’ve probably met me behind the SU shop or bar. My name is Kaylee and I am excited to run for Su president this year. I feel like being president would be challenging but rewarding. As president I want to push to reduce and cut additional course costs. I aim to push to help with accommodation issues by promoting services such as finding houses to looking over contracts. I would also like to work with the University to help Warsash with on-going issues. I want to also ensure safety by hoping to deploy a project to built a bike shelter. Manifestos are only 400 words long, so don’t be shy to approach me and ask me about other issues and topics. I’ll be around campaigning all week!”

Kimberly Hills-Harrop – Television and Video Production
VP Welfare and Community candidate

Kim was unable to comment but read her manifesto here.

12235443_10205707522548159_2125284947_oLewis Cleminson
VP Employability and Enterprise candidate

“I am the President of the RAG society, on both student and societies council, and this year I have spent most of my time organising events and supporting other societies with their fundraising. I have also been working on organising a student jailbreak type event which will be hopefully taking place in April and provided games which are available for hire in the SU bar.

My main focus points include:

  • Provide practical skill building workshops
  • Work with University to introduce Higher Education Achievement Awards (enhanced transcript when you graduate to include all extra curriculum activities including society committee positions, sports teams, volunteering and much more.
  • Lobby against evening lectures
  • Fight to reduce transport costs
  • Continue offering free graduation photos
  • Support both new and old societies and encourage more students to get involved

As well as all this there are additional points within my manifesto I would like to address if elected.

Your Employment, Your Engagement, Your Voice. ­

@HannaAndLewis                                    #VoteHannaAndLewis”

12822890_10205707521828141_1244090458_oMegan Maddex – Media Culture and Production
SU President candidate

“Hi I’m Megan and I am running to be your next SU President in this year’s elections.

I am an MCP student and I have been working as a student trustee for Solent Students’ Union for the past year. I, therefore, know the ins and outs of the SU and make strategic decisions on where we will be heading.

Why should you vote for me?

My manifesto is about all of us, and so my points are broad enough to apply to every course and every individual. I am focusing on cutting costs to limit the pressures we face as students, and I want to make the SU a centrepiece of the university as it is run by students!

I want to…

  • Arrange discounted additional costs for students.
  • Work with the University to create a letting agency without admin fees.
  • Improve communication between cadets and their accommodation team.
  • Work with Sodexo to provide a wider range of food for cadets.
  • Work with employability and enterprise to promote opportunities.

If you would like to contact me, follow @MeganMaddex


Our Union, your voice, our change.”

12842578_10205707522228151_818256886_oRyan McMaster – Music Promotion
VP Employability and Engagement candidate

“Hi I’m Ryan McMaster, I’m a third year Music Promotion student and I’m running to be your new Vice President of Employability and Engagement.

I’ve loved my time here at Solent, and the SU has been a big part of that. I want other students to have this experience, and for student’s to leave with fond memories of their SU.

I want to work towards having a career fare for potential internships and postgraduate jobs.

I plan to build on the existing training and interactions with societies, to allow students to better enjoy their current societies and to encourage the formation of more.

I plan on maintaining and strengthening our connections with the cities venues, to ensure even more events that the students want.

Be part of the McMaster Plan

Vote for Ryan McMaster for VP of Employability and Engagement”

12822999_10205707521668137_2086157043_oSean Rafferty – Multimedia Journalism
SU President candidate


The commercialisation of higher education is making getting our degrees more and more expensive whilst the support available to students is becoming loans or harder to qualify for.

As SU President, I would work to represent your interests to the university and ensure that your education is not compromised for the sake of monetary margins.

I would also work on policies to reduce the costs enforced on students by the university.



Simon Piercy – Law
SU President candidate

“I’m Simon and I’m running for SU President, but enough about me, there is something far more important you need to know about – Dragons. Dragons are a very real danger to Solent University, huge flying monsters that breathe fire and eat people. If Solent was attacked by a dragon, there is a good chance there wouldn’t be a university left to study at, no bar to drink in at the students union, no lecturers left to teach you. Every day there is a constant danger of dragon attack and the only thing that has been keeping you safe for the last four years is me. Unfortunately for you, my studies finish this year and if I am not elected as president I will be unable to keep the university safe from the very real danger of dragons as I will no longer be in Southampton. Vote Simon, keep Solent dragon free!”

We talked to Solent University students about what they’d like from this year’s Student Union representatives,