School closure following funding cuts

STAFF at a Southampton school are due to walk out tomorrow following a threat of redundancies.

Teachers at Valentines Primary School are set to strike over what they see as a proposed decrease in staff along with an increase in workload.

Nearly 100 people turned up to the public meeting. Pic: Hands Off Valentine Primary Facebook

Staff members and parents are preparing to protest outside the Civic Hall, Southampton tomorrow at 9am.

Organisers of the protest claim that if the school does not cut £400,000 from its expenditure by the end of the academic year the governing body will be sacked.

The protest will be held at the Civic Centre tomorrow at 9 am.

Members of the National Education Union pushed for strike action which will follow for the next three weeks.

James Ellis, Regional Officer, from the National Education Union said: “This is a real problem, it’s affecting jobs and there are lots of vulnerable children that attend that need this funding that is taken away from them. Schools across Hampshire are expecting an 8% cut in funding. Parents are not happy.”

Southampton City Council ‘s cabinet member for education, Cllr Darren Paffey, was not available for comment.

Arran Channel, a teacher from Valentines Primary School, said: “If it continues how it’s looking it will be redundancies for support staff, redundancies for teachers, basically affecting everyone.”

Interview with Arran Channel, who is a teacher at Valentines Primary School.

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