Smart drugs, a smart choice?

My friend made the fatal mistake which is all too common for students. He hadn’t studied for his exams. At all. Instead, he spent all of his money and time on cheap drinks and dates. He claims that university made him do it. That the pressure and stress of university made him indulge and spend thousands of pounds and hours of work in different ways to take the edge off.

“Do you remember when you did smart drugs, Ed? I’ll buy them off of you.” A twinkle of desperation glinted in his eye. This is the most honest and earnest I’ve ever seen him. I’m not against smart drugs at all, in fact, I advocate anything which helps us become better humans.

“I can’t sell them to you, mate. Sorry.”

I’m not a seller of small pills and white powders. I don’t want to get my hands dirty, or in this case, white. Even more so now that it’s a legal grey area thanks to a government-led crackdown on legal highs.


Though even with a crack-down, smart drugs are easy to purchase off of the internet. It’s now as simple as going to ebay. You can buy 166 thirty milligramme doses of Noopept for the low price of £10. Who says money can’t buy happiness or a focus so sharp that Yoda would start panicking?

I remember the very first time I bought Noopept off of the internet. It only cost me £15 for a months supply. I wanted to write a news piece about it after using it for roughly a month. True, there are plenty of smart drugs on the internet. Though I’m glad I decided to pick Noopept, which seemed to be the Justin Bieber of smart drugs at the time.

The benefits which I received from Noopept were beyond belief. My memory increased and I was recalling things from the past which I couldn’t recall before. My speech seemed far more natural. I was learning things extremely quickly, to the point where I didn’t need to rely on a notebook or my phone anymore for short notes and shopping lists.

Though more importantly, I could sit myself down and read endless amounts of information. I was super into whatever I was doing. Perfect for studying.

To think that all it took was 60mg of Noopept a day to feel more than human. The only thing I needed to do was slide the pill or powder under my tongue and feel the odd sensation of it sublingually dissolving into my blood stream. The taste of soap in my mouth was a small price to pay for benefits which made me feel superhuman.

One of the side effects I felt was an increased amount of irritation towards people who weren’t thinking properly. This is just an irritation mind you, not a blistering roid-rage. Even though my irritation towards people doing silly things is nothing new, it was definitely amplified while using Noopept.

My eyes also seemed to dry out quite a lot. This was because I found myself staring at objects or writing for far too long without blinking. So much so it would make me look spaced out. So if you are considering buying any form of nootropic, I would suggest buying eyedrops as well and maybe a nice eye cooling mask.

The greatest misconception which everyone seems to have about nootropics is that there’s a magic pill which is similar to the pill in Limitless, which will grant you superpowers and intellect rivaling Albert Einstein or Steven Hawking. It just doesn’t work like that. You still need to study.

So after almost a year and a lot of reflection, would I take Noopept again? You bet I would. I would take Noopept continuously for the rest of my life if I could. Similar to a multivitamin. Who knows? Maybe I’ll buy a lifetime supply of Noopept and be the Snoop Dogg of the Nootropic world.

Before you purchase Noopept or any nootropic (including caffeine), think to yourself whether or not you can achieve the grades you want with just simple studying and dedication. After all, studying and having knowledge is what’s going to give you the grades or make your work good, with nootropics or not.

Author note: Just to clarify, I am not in possession of smart drugs or anything of the sort anymore. I had smart drugs before the psychoactive substance bill. The article that you’re reading can also be found on my blog


Written by Edward Frank Morris (@CptnEdward)